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Seamless Search with diva-e

Seamless Search with diva-e Have you ever searched for something specific on a website and been shown completely unrelated things or the nine letters that no-one ever wants to hear when searching: "No results"? Only one word can describe what you are thinking right now: frustrating. And we know exactly where your thoughts are going next: Is this the same on my company's website? Better read on. Customers who find what they're looking for tend to be happier, stay on the site longer, complete the purchase, and are more likely to return at some point. It's no wonder that optimizing the search function on your website can increase conversion rates by 43% . Search is used in many more places than you might think. It serves as a tool for navigation and can target content using appropriate filters. See search on your website as a tool to sell your product to customers and provide a user experience that invites them to linger. In contrast, the customer slowly but surely forgets about your competition while browsing. Because watch out: product search frustration leads to a 68% switching rate in the worst case . To keep the mood and the conversion rate high, it is essential to serve the users' interests. For this purpose, a search solution should be offered that corresponds to the habits of the users. The most important question you should ask yourself is: How do I find the right search system for my company that is also tailored to the needs of my target group and the IT systems I use?