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High Performance Content: Myths and Facts

High Performance Content: Myths and Facts The other day in a customer meeting with an outraged buyer: "A text is supposed to cost that much?! I can almost get a programmer for that daily rate!" My answer: "That may be, but he won't be able to write you a first-class text." We both laughed heartily about this, although this little anecdote shows that there are still activities considered particularly simple, unqualified and relatively "worthless" in the broad spectrum of online marketing. On page copywriting belongs in a junk box for those unfamiliar with the industry. This article is dedicated to those who believe that anyone can write good texts, that they don't cost any effort or can even be created by machine. But also to all others who have known for a long time that they can only reach their target group online via first-class content, have always asked themselves: How exactly does high-performance range work?