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Introducing Adobe's Data Science Workspace

Introducing Adobe's Data Science Workspace In mid-2019, Adobe introduced the Data Science Workspace (DSW) to its CDP, Adobe Experience Platform (AEP). Existing customers of the AEP can leverage their data without further detours to boost their marketing campaigns with Machine Learning such as: Customer Journey Optimization Churn Prediction Purchase Probability Customer Lifetime Value Calculation Customer Segmentation Adobe promises that the Data Science Workspace will cover everything a data scientist needs to develop ML models successfully. From initial data exploration to building, deploying, and monitoring machine learning models. The unique advantage of Adobe's solution is that it integrates into the AEP, enabling data access to all business data already ingested. There is no need to build a new infrastructure for loading and processing the data. Also, data security and management are inherited directly from the AEP and no additional effort is required to implement these.