Case Study

Case studies with exciting partners

IT-services by firstcolo

HASOMED: Holistic Data Management

The medical technology manufacturer HASOMED develops, produces and distributes innovative solutions for neurological rehabilitation, as well as for the prevention and therapy of neurodegenerative diseases.

With the switch to a holistically managed Kubernet cluster in the firstcolo data center, HASOMED easily masters the increasing complexity of its market and creates high-quality software solutions for customers, which are characterized by reliable use and strong protective functions.

Financial services provider Giroxx: Growth and security through IT migration

Financial services provider Giroxx: Growth and security through IT migrationAs a financial services provider, Giroxx specializes in foreign payment transactions in foreign currencies. In order to build a future-proof and high-performance IT infrastructure that can be reconciled with the rapid, success-driven growth of the start-up, Giroxx needs a partner that meets the high demands on performance and professionalism as well as BaFin regulations.

The choice fell on the multiple certified diva-e brand firstcolo, whose expertise mainly includes individual full-managed services as well as colocation and cloud services. The solution provided by the diva-e Datacenters experts was fully tailored to the requirements profile of Giroxx and has developed into a cost-efficient and high-performance platform. The financial company achieves highest reliability and maximum availability. By outsourcing the IT administration and infrastructure, Giroxx increases its own productivity with the diva-e brand firstcolo and maintains the most modern infrastructure based on the latest virtualization technology. 

StorageBase achieves a 30% revenue increase with diva-e data-experts

Keeping up with the fast-moving IT market has made it even more important to be able to respond to individual demands of customers. StorageBase, a professional provider of web services, therefore moved its IT infrastructure to the diva-e data center firstcolo with the aim of generating successful growth.

firstcolo helps StorageBase to increase its turnover by 30 percent, which is achieved by an optimally equipped infrastructure and the integration into the CEPH cluster. StorageBase thus achieves its goal of providing customers with a sustainable and constantly growing business environment and expanding its infrastructure.