First Colo supports Rosetta@home

First Colo receives participant certificate from the voluntary project Rosetta@home  

Frankfurt am Main, April 21st 2020:  As an IT-organisation, we would like to make our contribution to the fight against the ongoin COVID-19 pandemic. In this context, we have been supporting the voluntary project Rosetta@home since April 9th, 2020.  The project makes use of distributed computing, thereby promoting research into cures for various diseases, such as COVID-19, AIDS, cancer, malaria, and Alzheimer’s. The software platform BOINC forms the basis for the computation. 


Background of the project Rosetta@home 

Distributed computing is the process of combining several independent computers, which ultimately present themselves to the user as a single system. This combination consequently allows for the solving of complex tasks, that could otherwise only be tackled by several supercomputers. 

The project Rosetta@home aims to predict specific protein structures and their bonds from a given amino acid sequence. For this purpose, algorithms are developed and tested. A reliable prediction will then form the basis for the development of therapeutics and diagnostics. The project is carried out by the University of Washington and has been running since September of 2005. At this point, it includes more than 44,000 home computers and servers that contribute their unused computing power. 

Unfortunately, to this day, there is still no explicit algorithm which can reliably predict and calculate the structure of proteins using amino acid sequences. Hence, the project continues to strive for a transparent and sustainable solution to advance disease research around the globe.  We at First Colo want to continue contributing as much as we can and work proactively against the pandemic. As a team, we will therefore gladly support the project Rosetta@home as well as another similar project Folding@home in the future.   

First Colo & Accelerated: New website

Almost two years ago, Accelerated IT Services & Consulting GmbH and First Colo GmbH merged under the parent company diva-e. In the future, both companies will operate in the market under the brand name “firstcolo”. 

Publishing of a new joint website

In the course of the merger, the websites of the companies were also merged. The new website is now available under the address Furthermore, the joint re-launch of the new First Colo website has resulted in significant improvements in the user experience.

On the new website visitors will find an overview of all services of First Colo GmbH. First Colo provides extensive information on colocation & housing, virtualization, managed services, dedicated servers and DDoS protection.

Furthermore, the new website has a new newsroom area. Here, First Colo provides continuous information about news at the different First Colo data center locations. In addition, informative case studies and white papers are available for free download in the newsroom.

Furthermore, in the sub-section Company, extensive information material about the different First Colo data centers is now provided. For example, detailed technical details on topics such as network infrastructure, power supply, data protection and certifications can be accessed here.


Should you have any questions regarding our merger, please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you!

PCI-DSS certification

First Colo receives PCI-DSS certification

Frankfurt, 16.01.2020: Since October 2019, First Colo holds the globally recognized PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certification. The PCI-DSS certification guarantees security standards, which are legally required for the processing and storage of credit card data. The PCI-DSS security standard is designed to protect online merchants and end customers from fraudulent attacks, credit card misuse and theft in payment transactions.

Criteria for the PCI-DSS certification

In order to obtain the certification, strict security standards must be upheld. Protection of online merchants and end customers always has the highest priority. Fraudulent attacks are not uncommon for card transactions in the financial sector – which makes it all the more important to have an IT infrastructure that meets even the highest security standards. This is the only way to ensure appropriate and responsible processing of credit transfers.

As a certified PCI-DSS IT service provider, First Colo easily supports clients from the financial sector in setting up and operating an IT infrastructure that can process transactions in accordance to legal regulations.


Expansion of the network infrastructure

Network expansion

Frankfurt am Main, 17th of December 2019: To provide customers with an even better infrastructure, First Colo GmbH is undergoing an expansion of its network, which will be finished in the last quarter of 2019.

Aim of the network expansion

In addition to the increased DCI capacities the company is also looking to modernize its hardware infrastructure. First Colo mostly relies on new and highly performant switches and routers of Juniper Networks together with PAM4 transceivers of Smartoptics.

Router Netzwerk

Even higher performance standards

The newly created infrastructure makes the data center much more performant, which is reflected in an increased processing power. For customers, the higher performance ensures smooth growth and improved latency. Like this, losses in performance can be largely eliminated. In addition, the new hardware appliances help in protecting clients from DDoS attacks even better because the network can better intercept these attacks with the help of the new hardware. Once the project is complete, the customers will have two physical sites at First Colo, providing new opportunities for improved redundancy concepts through a larger network.

Lastly, the expansion provides a market-leading external connection of over 1.000 Gbps to various tier-1 carriers such as DTAG, NTT, Telia and Cogent. Like this, customers will be provided with better and more sustainable infrastructure in the future.

Of course, in the ongoing process the impact for existing customers should be as low as possible. Hence, the network expansion will be carried out as carefully and as quickly as possible in First Colo’s data center.

Expansion of the data center Werkhaus

New data center areas imminent

Frankfurt, 28.11.2019: First Colo is currently undergoing an expansion of the data center space at the site Werkhaus in Frankfurt. The aim is to create an area of around 123 square meters for new IT infrastructures.

Current status: Implementation of racks in full swing

In the last few weeks, the new racks have already been delivered and fully assembled. In addition, the installation for the new power supply and the commissioning of extended network infrastructure are now beginning. In this context, customers will benefit from even faster provision of larger bandwidths for their infrastructures.

In the new data center space, First Colo is providing clients with expected high standards. In total, First Colo is creating space for 51 new full racks, 20 ½-racks and a further 20 ¼-racks.

The first racks will already be available for clients by the end of the year and the expansion will be finished next spring. If necessary, clients can reserve new racks before the expansion is completed.

Panorama Rechenzentrum Werkhaus