firstcolo: About us

As a data center operator in Germany, we are striving to provide our clients with the highest levels of service quality while simultaneously meeting stringent requirements regarding operational safety and data protection.

The outsourcing of IT resources is a big step for any company and must therefore be well thought out and planned in advance. We are happy to support clients from the very first conceptual design of the IT infrastructure to ensure that all desires and demands can be met. As a result of our many years of experience in the industry, we have been able to participate in numerous and vastly different projects. With this expertise, we guarantee our clients excellent technical contacts in addition to a highly available infrastructure for their various projects.

In line with the philosophy of our company, we want to deliver the best possible service to our customers. This starts with the very first contact: The right assessment and corresponding recommendation can save costs and prevents running into problems in the long run.
Furthermore, we pursue a long-term orientation and correspondingly a sustainable growth.
For us, this company policy has proven to be extremely effective. Our annual growth rates are well into two-digit figures, while at the same time it is remarkably rare for a client to leave us. 

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Next to classic colocation and the rental of server systems, our range of services also includes storage-on-demand solutions, backup solutions and cloud services such as virtualization and Kubernetes-as-a-Service. We are your professional partner for any IT project, and we assure you that you will benefit from a carefree position in our data centers thanks to our expertise. 

Due to the fast-moving market and the multitude of new technologies, data center operators are constantly evolving. As a partner, our aim is to meet our clients’ demands for years to come.
Hence, we want to continue to satisfy the requirements of our clients within our infrastructure in a cost-effective manner.

Our ambition is to realize tasks as precisely and efficiently as possible. Our technicians are well prepared for all challenges in the area of servers. If we do not have the best specialist in our team for a particular task, we can fall back on our extensive pool of external service providers – of course only after consulting you.

This results in a whole range of advantages for you:

Cost efficiency – fast implementation protects budgets.

Avoidance of bottlenecks – when in doubt, additional employees can be consulted at any time.

Short communication channels – coordination is done in a single interface.

Precision – experts are much less susceptible to errors.


What you can expect from us and our services:

Individual and bespoke concepts – no standardized products.

High demands in terms of execution and results.

Innovative thoughts from a young and committed team.

Time efficiency – specialists implement tasks much faster than generalists.


We are happy to answer your questions – we are always available for you by phone, email or in a direct meeting.

+49 (0) 69 120069-801