Certified firstcolo data centers

Our own sites and our redundant sites

Our data centers at the heart of the internet: in Frankfurt am Main

With our network, we are present at numerous European sites to realize your projects. However, the majority of our infrastructure is hosted in our own data centers in Frankfurt.

Our vision: To create data centers that combine both the economic and ecological aspects of clients and the environment with the greatest possible efficiency. Sustainable energy management – in other words, minimal power losses for air conditioning, power supply and peripherals – ensures that servers are operated in an economically attractive and simultaneously environmentally conscious manner. With a PUE value – the ratio between total facility energy and IT equipment energy – of 1.1 to 1.15, we are today’s leader in Frankfurt and worldwide. Our PUE value is on par with Google and in comparison, to the industry average of 1.8 we are about eight times more efficient or consume only 12.5% of the energy, which is consumed by an average data center.

At the same time, we aim to permanently offer high-quality service – 24×7 and on site. Based on our many years of experience in the industry, we are aware that these types of services are often limited and only basic tasks such as resets are carried out. We have consistently and successfully implemented these high standards and the result is a technically advance and economically attractive data center.

These high demands have paid off: Our sites in Frankfurt are certified by TÜV Saarland as highly available tier 3 data centers. Thus, guaranteeing the flawless operation of approximately 8,000 servers, which are already running for our clients as pure colocation or as dedicated servers.

Backup data centers in Vienna and Dronten

To realize a backup location, we also host server systems in Vienna and Dronten. These off-sites run independently, in addition to the two data centers in Frankfurt, which are interconnected with redundant dark fibers. Especially those clients with critical applications appreciate this possibility of a dual infrastructure as well as the inexpensive yet external backup storage with lowest latencies.

If you are keen to obtain services at one of our sites, simply contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have – we are always available for you by phone, email or in a direct meeting.

Capacity: 450+ racks

Data center Werkhaus

Our firstcolo data center Werkhaus, located at Kruppstrasse in Frankfurt, offers capacities for about 450 racks and roughly 14,000 server systems. To provide a safe home for very demanding applications, the site offers redundant UPS systems, an emergency power generator as well as highly efficient air conditioning with n+2. Like this, there are no desires left in terms of security and availability.

The site is serviced 24/7, professionally and on-site by our own employees, to realize short reaction times.

Capacity: 250+ racks

data center

Our firstcolo data center AOC, located at Hanauer Landstrasse in Frankfurt, currently has a capacity of 250 racks and offers room for about 7,500 server systems. The state-of-the-art infrastructure provides redundant UPS systems in combination with an emergency power generator to guarantee a constant power availability. Our equally fault-tolerant air conditioning system ensures stable conditions during operation.

Due to our 24/7 on-site service and support, we can identify and rectify any given malfunction immediately.

Offsite data center Vienna


With our new carrier-neutral data center in Vienna, we are able to provide critical geo-redundancy in addition to our redundancy concepts in Frankfurt as requested by a variety of customer groups. As always, we offer a modern, secure and scalable infrastructure for demanding IT projects together with diverse connectivity options to numerous carriers and internet services providers as well as a direct connection to the Vienna Internet Exchange (VIX).

This widely interconnected location in Vienna helps us and our customers, who operate internationally, in reducing local costs for network access while simultaneously improving the performance of the underlying network. Therefore, our Vienna data center is an ideal starting point for establishing new business relationships in order to capture additional revenue streams.

Offsite data center Dronten

redundanzstandort netherlands

Next to geo-redundancy concepts, our data center in Dronten additionally offers special access to the Dutch legal area for corresponding industries. These benefits make it an ideal site to establish business areas with large sales potential, which are no longer possible in the German market. 

Typical client groups are operating in the financial sector and the cloud sector. Others in the digital media sector, primarily with streaming offers.