Expansion of the data center Werkhaus

New data center areas imminent

Frankfurt, 28.11.2019: First Colo is currently undergoing an expansion of the data center space at the site Werkhaus in Frankfurt. The aim is to create an area of around 123 square meters for new IT infrastructures.

Current status: Implementation of racks in full swing

In the last few weeks, the new racks have already been delivered and fully assembled. In addition, the installation for the new power supply and the commissioning of extended network infrastructure are now beginning. In this context, customers will benefit from even faster provision of larger bandwidths for their infrastructures.

In the new data center space, First Colo is providing clients with expected high standards. In total, First Colo is creating space for 51 new full racks, 20 ½-racks and a further 20 ¼-racks.

The first racks will already be available for clients by the end of the year and the expansion will be finished next spring. If necessary, clients can reserve new racks before the expansion is completed.

Panorama Rechenzentrum Werkhaus