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Professional protection of your IT is not a luxury, but essential for your company.

DDoS Protection is turnover protection!

The topic of DDoS-Attacks has been endet forever

Our DC is home to industries for which recurring and multidimensional DDoS attacks were part of the daily business. We were able to successfully end permanent frustrations by constantly switching between overstrained DDoS protection providers!

Due to the high level of defence experience in our Security Operation Center (SOP) team, we have strong defence technologies ready for you. Our countermeasures take effect even before DDoS attacks completely block all processes. In combination with high-quality hardware applications from leading manufacturers, this results in a high-performance and secure solution. Our synchronized defense technology uses worldwide information from already known DDoS attack patterns. Similar to vaccinations, the defense algorithms learn to immunize targets in the data center in advance.

With one of the industry’s highest bandwidth with over 1,000 Gbps, even the largest volume attacks can be mitigated. With the help of our backup data centers, we ensure even greater security in the event of an attack.

Fast implementation, holistic protection!

firstcolo’s alternative DDoS protection solutions

VLAN secures your entire infrastructure against all types of attacks and all protocol attacks. It is theoretically infinitely scalable due to our data center and can currently protect against volume attacks of up to 200 Gbps. This protection solution is recommended for our internal data center customers, such as hosting and gaming providers as well as e-commerce and e-business companies.

BGP is independent of the location of your servers, and therefore it can protect your entire infrastructure even if it is located outside our data center. With BGP, we can protect you against attacks of up to 80 Gbps and against all attack protocols. All you need is at least a /24 IPv4 subnet. This protection is recommended for companies with a large IT infrastructure, their own data center, or an internal server room as well as for the protection of self-sufficient IT locations.

This type of defense was conceived by us for the defense of web pages. It is also independent of the server location and can be set up at short notice. In the event of an attack, your web servers will remain accessible to legitimate users only, b and clean the “contaminated” website traffic by re-routing it through our filter mechanisms. This protection is recommended, for example, for online shops and representative websites.

Particularities with firstcolo

Years of experience

Monitoring Team

Security Operations Center


Learning algorithms

Best external connection (over 1.000 Gbit/s)

Fair price structure

First Colo provides security against Distributed Denial of Service threats. Protect your servers. We analyze your hardware and offer comprehensive and customized solutions.

We look back on more than ten years of experience in DDoS protection. We have used this experience to develop sophisticated technical measures such as our learning defense algorithms. These stop the DDoS attack even before the server is blocked. In doing so, they refer on the data that has been obtained from DDoS attacks carried out worldwide in order to quickly and flexibly recognize the strategy of the attackers. The perfect interaction of our high-quality hardware and software components enables us to analyze attack patterns and quickly take appropriate countermeasures.

Also, the data connectivity of our data centers is so powerful that it can easily withstand many medium and large attack volumes – and this is provided at a fair price. We’re even ready for the worst case scenario: should our experts from the monitoring team in the data center not be able to defend against the attack quickly, there are still two more data centers available that can take over the work of the overloaded server. Thus, a failure of your server is almost impossible.

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Universell anwendbar – kompromisslos wirksam!

This means that unlike many traditional DDoS protection providers, we can protect everything: all protocols, all applications, and all servers inside and outside our data centers.

Volume attacks/flood attacks (TCP, UDP, ICMP, DNS Amplification)

Fragmentary attacks/Fragmentation attacks (Teardrop, Targa3, Jolt2, Nestea)

TCP attacks/TCP stack attacks (SYN, FIN, RST, SYN ACK, URG-PSH, TCP flags)

Application attacks (HTTP GET floods, SIP Invite floods, DNS attacks, HTTPS)

A universally effective DDoS protection, however, is an extremely complex and therefore highly intricate matter.

Depending on the different attack vectors, attack targets and technical requirements of the respective customer, only very specific, different defense solutions are suitable as DDoS protections. The exact definition, adjustment and calibration of the filter technology must therefore always be implemented after an analysis agreed to with the customer. Apart from exactly measuring and specifying the load situation of the attacked person, the assignment of the appropriate defense technology takes place according to the defined interface at which the data traffic “contaminated” with DDoS attacks and is then transferred to our algorithm-based filter mechanisms.

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