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Customized, Dedicated Servers for your indivudal needs

A dedicated server is intended for a specific network service or several permanently operated services. It is not used for everyday tasks. In comparison to a shared server, it is exclusively available to one customer or exclusively to one specific task of the customer.

By using our dedicated servers, professional IT project managers of primarily want to avoid two typical inconveniences: too much capital commitment and the external travel and maintenance costs for ad hoc reactions in the so-called “service packages” of other providers. We provide you with the desired server at a, flat monthly rate that includes the costs for the secure, air-conditioned server room (housing). Our up to date hardware warehouse lets you benefit from the shortest response times for necessary replacement of equipment.

We adjust the necessary hardware equipment to your needs, to meet your individual requirements and wishes. We use established brands such as Dell, HP, Supermicro, Intel, and Western Digital. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not favor specific manufacturers or technologies. Our experienced specialists ensure that the entire ordering and commissioning process runs smoothly. Your dedicated servers are configured by us, directly on site, and subjected to thorough testing.

Dedicated Server by firstcolo

Highly individual and powerful!
Server Advantages at firstcolo

24/7/365 customer service

Responsiveness--provision within a few hours

Individual servers chosen for your needs instead of "obligatory standardized equipment"

Manufacturer-independent combination options

Rack-housing and cold aisle air conditioning

Management interface, e.g. IPMI module - KVM over IP

Each server is equipped with at least a 1 Gbit connection for fast, reliable data transfer

Purchase of hardware components at special prices by using our purchasing advantages

We take over the network management

Fully equipped servers of your choice for rent or purchase

Dedicated Servers: Important Features at a Glance: All server choices possible

We do not provide our customers with any special specifications in this respect. We offer rental and purchase options for all common server equipment, as well as for customized, highly complex and uncompromisingly powerful servers. At First Colo, professional individuality is the rule instead of obligatory standardized equipment.​

We use different hardware and software RAID systems. The storage media forms a network that is more efficient than the individual media. By using a RAID system, you can enjoy several benefits:

  • Increased reliability (redundancy)
  • Increase in data transfer rate (performance)
  • Structure of large logical drives
  • Exchange of storage media (also during operation)
  • Enlargement of the storage (also during operation)

With our rental price solutions, you do not have to use your servers for the entire agreed term in the originally selected version. You can order extensions (upgrades) and additional products for your dedicated server or your root server from us at any time. Extensions, changes to other server systems or an ahead-of-schedule exchange of individual components can be carried out by us during operation and only lead to a price adjustment.​

Guaranteed reliabilityWe guarantee the unrestricted reliability of your desired server over the entire contract period, so that you do not have to worry about any necessary replacement processes for obsolete or faulty IT components. In our own well-stocked warehouse, there is always enough replacement and extension hardware available to avoid downtimes, delivery times and waiting times.​

Our servers have standardized interfaces with which they can be monitored and managed remotely. Via a management interface such as IPMI with KVM (over IP) function, all servers can be easily remote-controlled. This allows customers to perform many regular administrative tasks such as restarts by themselves without incurring costs for managed services.​

One of our greatest strengths is individual consultation: you benefit from the correction of possible misconceptions, the avoidance of over-dimensioning, or from alternative inappropriate solutions for original equipment, upgrades and retrofits. Especially with the selection of hardware, one can easily make expensive mistakes. We can report in detail on a lack of knowledge of energy efficiency or compatibility in the solution-oriented use of hardware (components) such as RAM bars and RAID controllers. Therefore, it is greatly to your advantage to make use of our specialists’ expertise.​

Conventional server hard disks are not sufficient to manage huge amounts of data permanently and securely – they are too small, too slow and not secure enough. For this purpose, we recommend special storage systems that are tailored to your needs, for which we would be happy to advise you individually. In this way, you avoid over dimensioning and can embed future options precisely right from the start.​

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