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Dedicated Server including unlimited traffic up to 80 Gbit/s

We provide a variety of high-performance dedicated server solutions, based on the latest technologies and state-of-the-art configurations. Well selected enterprise hardware components from worldwide leading manufacturers combined with our unlimited traffic consumption packages results in an affordable solution to meet even the highest demands. Our perfectly balanced hardware setup and a carefree traffic and bandwidth package enables you to focus on your applications and services while having a transparent and stable cost structure. Get ready for the future and focus on your expertise while having us to manage your modern and high-performance infrastructure. You also benefit from our high-class network infrastructure with the lowest possible latencies, a direct connection to the DE-CIX (the world’s largest Internet Exchange), a 1.000 Gbit backbone and the best reliability. 

Due to our large warehouse we are able to provide most your order very quickly! Directly after deployment you will receive remote access to your booked services.

The availability of your IT infrastructure is our biggest concern. In the event of a system failure, we will react as quickly as possible and replace defective components in less than two hours.

Get in touch with our team directly. With 24/7 access to our internal ticket system, you will receive immediate and competent support for all of your requests.

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Highly customized server!

Simply assemble your desired server from a wide range of state-of-the-art and technologically advanced components. Afterwards select only your desired operating system, the IP network and the DDoS protection package. The desired order will be ready just in a few clicks and our team will then do the work for you. 

Assure yourself of the advantages and order your desired server with just a few clicks! 

Flatrate Server by firstcolo

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With increasing number of users, running operating costs of your application can be raised very quickly. In addition, other providers often have hidden costs. As the result, you usually can get an nontransparent  and incalculable monthly price, which “robs” your planning security. But that scenario is far away from our concept! At First Colo you only pay for what you have booked. A bandwidth flatrate without compromises at an excellent fixed price that brings you a full calculation security. 

Aligning the hardware to suit Your present needs can be an issue, especially if the user numbers of your services application vary. With us, you decide for how long you want to commit to our service. All systems can be cancelled on a quarterly basis and we leave all service decisions to you – so you can book your resources in and out as required. 

With high user peaks, the bandwidth can quickly become a bottleneck. This is why our infrastructure has an external connection of 1,000 Gbit to exclusively Tier 1 carriers and a Direct Connect to DE-CIX, as well as a first-class DWDM route through Germany. This allows you to benefit from the lowest latencies in a significatly larger network and bandwidth bottlenecks will be in the past.  

To fight against DDoS attacks, we rely on self-developed software in conjunction with hardware components from leading manufacturers. Our solution works with multi-stage filter processes and protects your infrastructure against bandwidth attacks by up to 250 Gbit/s. Thus, we guarantee high-availability instead of a non-availability. 

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