Managed Hosting

Our administrators ensure the safe operation and constant availability of your applications.

Managed Services by firstcolo

The term ’managed services’ covers a whole range of recurring IT services that saves a lot of resources for customers. This applies in particular to Managed Hosting, which lets customers rent dedicated servers and their associated hardware, – and place the equipment’s management in the hands of a professional service provider.

Managed Services

In addition to a tailored data center and IT services, firstcolo offers a variety of standardized Managed Services. Our Managed Services are provided at the Frankfurt data center, and save you time, money and effort. Our offer ranges from simple remote maintenance services (remote hands) and Managed Hosting to fully managed” solutions. By booking Managed Services, you free yourself from many recurring, labor-intensive IT issues. You don’t even have to remember when it’s time to do them! This allows you to concentrate on your core business and achieving your actual corporate goals.

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Managed Services by firstcolo

Focus on your core business!


You have the opportunity to use our complete, Managed Services and all service options without having to invest in your own infrastructure, physical space and additional know-how. Individual agreements regulate the service and guarantee up to 99.99% availability per year. Our universal Managed Services are designed for medium-sized companies center who would not find it economical to establish, operate and maintain their own data center.

Our Fully Managed Services includes several options, which are often interlinked. These include security, applications, operating systems, and more.

The Internet carries risks for your IT company, your business and your performance. Online attackers attempt to invade corporate networks via the Web to compromise business data, disrupt business communications, or gain access to intellectual property. firstcolo’s Security Operations Center (SOC) prevents attacks before they reach corporate networks. Through our security audits and those of our partner companies, the SOC offers sustainable IT security strategies that are absolutely necessary in any modern company. Outsourcing this critical business area is a worthwhile alternative in terms of financial and human resources, and it also makes it easier for you to comply with legal requirements.

Do you really want to pay your IT team for traditional application support, management and monitoring tasks? Our Managed Services ensure the availability of all the IT applications you and your employees need. firstcolo Managed Services can take responsibility for your entire IT system’s landscape. We provide analysis, conception, installation, operation and maintenance of your applications in a solution package. Customized Service Level Agreements (SLAs) allow for individual agreements that are tailored to your requirements and needs.

Our operating system management includes all services relating to the operation of servers, with the operating systems installed on them, such as Unix/Linux distributions. What can we do for you? Everything you need: Implement software installations and software updates (Patch Management), Software configuration, Set-up, Script management, Identification, analysis and correction of faults, Traffic monitoring, Security management and logging, Full and quick disaster recovery and System documentation.

The servers are administered and monitored via secure network connections and by specialists on-site in the data center.

You can rent or buy servers customized to your needs.  This ensures you get quality, leading brand manufacturers for your IT projects. This gives you a solid basis right from the start. Benefit from our many years of experience and technical expertise. In cooperation with industry-leading manufacturers, we proactively advise you about sensible, cost-effective technical innovations and put together powerful and expandable IT systems so you can implement all your IT projects within your budget. In our well-organized warehouse, we keep all hardware components in stock so that we can react immediately to your need to expand and any emergencies. Take advantage of our Managed Hosting offer and put the management of your servers in the hands of an expert.

In addition to providing, upgrading and expanding active network components, we will take over all the tasks necessary for the conception, migration and operation of IT projects. Each Managed Port is continuously monitored by our Network Operations Center (NOC) throughout the year, 24 hours each day, in order to detect problems at an early stage. You will receive standardized reports, for example, on problems solved in your network or on the fulfillment of the Service Level Agreements. In addition to monitoring, we provide forecasting to avoid capacity shortages. When it comes to configuration, we specialize in reputable, name brand manufacturers such as Juniper and Cisco, and we also regularly fulfill special requests.

The protected accommodation of hundreds of company servers must always be fail-safe, highly available and future optimized. In addition to one of the industry’s most powerful fiber-optic outdoor connections, our city power systems, emergency power systems,  uninterruptible power supply, air conditioning technology, and our early fire detection and gas extinguishing systems need to be maintained and monitored just like all subordinate equipment. If you don’t have the time, equipment, expertise or budget to invest in all this, contract it through our Managed Services.

On websites there are often special offers, marketing measures or links that can repeatedly lead to a rush of users that cannot be processed by a conventional infrastructure. This leads to frustrations, cancellations and the loss of sales. You can avoid these problems. We have developed a cluster concept for e-business companies as part of our Managed Hosting offer to counter such peak loads. A server network can be scaled at will during operation, which monitors and ensures that performance targets are met by using central software. This system can even compensate for hardware failures.

Our load balancing system offers the option to distribute incoming traffic to several servers. This ensures secure and reliable delivery of applications and content, especially in environments with high data throughput requirements. We offer a dynamic and situation-dependent distribution of your data traffic to several resources via an external interface.  This allows efficient and accelerated load balancing across different resources, resulting in an optimized user experience for you and your customers.

Our powerful firewalls protect you from unwanted intrusions through your infrastructure. We filter incoming and outgoing data traffic with individually defined operating parameters and specifically coordinated settings. This way, danger of intrusion is reduced to zero and the regular operation of your network infrastructure is not endangered. This always ensures maximum security for critical applications, and it significantly reduces the time between detecting and closing a vulnerability.

firstcolo’s virtual private networks connect the local networks of different enterprise locations and provide a uniform, supra-locally connected, or even global network. We develop an effective individual infrastructure for your business, and we ensure that high bandwidths can be achieved at all locations. Digital certificates and digital keys provide the security you need. Our company networking service is renowned for its managed services, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility in meeting your needs.

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