Expansion of the network infrastructure

Network expansion

Frankfurt am Main, 17th of December 2019: To provide customers with an even better infrastructure, First Colo is undergoing an expansion of its network, which will be finished in the last quarter of 2019.

Aim of the network expansion

In addition to the increased DCI capacities the company is also looking to modernize its hardware infrastructure. First Colo mostly relies on new and highly performant switches and routers of Juniper Networks together with PAM4 transceivers of Smartoptics.

Router Netzwerk

Even higher performance standards

The newly created infrastructure makes the data center much more performant, which is reflected in an increased processing power. For customers, the higher performance ensures smooth growth and improved latency. Like this, losses in performance can be largely eliminated. In addition, the new hardware appliances help in protecting clients from DDoS attacks even better because the network can better intercept these attacks with the help of the new hardware. Once the project is complete, the customers will have two physical sites at First Colo, providing new opportunities for improved redundancy concepts through a larger network.

Lastly, the expansion provides a market-leading external connection of over 1.000 Gbps to various tier-1 carriers such as DTAG, NTT, Telia and Cogent. Like this, customers will be provided with better and more sustainable infrastructure in the future.

Of course, in the ongoing process the impact for existing customers should be as low as possible. Hence, the network expansion will be carried out as carefully and as quickly as possible in First Colo’s data center.