firstcolo launched NVMe Cluster

New high-performance NVMe cluster from firstcolo

firstcolo is expanding its existing storage-on-demand offering with a new NVMe cluster. Thanks to the modern NVMe storage technology, even higher read and write speeds can be achieved in the future. This will result in a significant increase in performance, especially for I/O-heavy applications.

Only state-of-the-art enterprise NVMe storage modules from Samsung are used. The hardware used is specially designed for continuous data centre operation. This means that the new NVMe cluster meets even the highest demands:

  • Exclusively high-quality Enterprise NVMe storage modules
  • High availability rate with 99.99% annual average
  • Redundancy through triple replication
  • Location-independent access with numerous integration options

Further information about the NVMe Storage-on-Demand offer from firstcolo: