Managed VMware Cloud

Flexibility, agility and scalability

Flexibility, agility and scalability

From single virtual machines to fully managed resource pools, we provide you with the best starting point for your e-commerce business, ERP systems or virtual desktop.

For this purpose, we rely on the market leader in cloud systems management, VMware.

VMware vSphere & vCloud Suite

As a combination of the bare metal hypervisor ESXi and the central management system vCenter Server, VMware vSphere is a highly performant solution for creating and managing virtual machines. Together with the integrated self-service interface VMware vCloud Suite you can provision resources all by yourself.

The purpose-built ESXi hypervisor is installed on your physical server, thereby giving you direct access and control over the underlying resources. By partitioning hardware intelligently, applications can be consolidated, and the entire IT infrastructure is far more efficient.

This solution is complemented by the central administration in the vSphere Client. VMware vCenter Server provides intuitive and automated controls as well as role-based access to further simplify system administration. Latest encryption features additionally help in ensuring the security of your business-critical data.

Discover the advantages of VMware and use our company-owned high-performance cluster:

Consolidate hardware to improve capacity utilisation

Reduce your administrative workload peaks

Lower your capital expenditure (CAPEX & OPEX)

High security standards through encryption and access rules

Improve your virtual machine performance

VMware Cloud by firstcolo

Whether fully managed or self-service, we provide a high-performance private cloud environment to all our clients. 

Take advantage of the scalability of a private cloud and seamless integration of cloud-based applications. With us, every business-critical application finds space in our software-defined data centre!

The storage solution is already included by vSAN and stored data is always kept threefold redundant. To meet even the most demanding performance requirements of our customers, the entire cluster offering consists of 100 percent SSD storage. All hypervisors have a connection of at least 10 Gbit.

In addition, our engineers are regularly certified in the VMware vCloud Air Network Program, so you can always rely on the expertise of our team.


Disaster Recovery: VMware vCloud Availability

With VMware vCloud Availability, we offer our customers a powerful solution that makes disaster recovery services easy, secure and affordable on VMware clouds. The simplicity of this solution comes from a modern, consistent and intuitive management system that is seamlessly integrated with vCloud Director. It is your decision whether you prefer self-service disaster recovery or whether you want us to integrate a fully managed disaster recovery solution into your managed services portfolio.

VMware vCloud Availability allows you to perform your own backups and restores directly through the vCloud Director interface. It also provides built-in vSphere and TLS encryption for data at rest or even for data in flight. This ensures that all data, which is moved to the cloud is optimally protected and all associated risks are minimised.

The self-service portfolio also includes failover and failback workflows for all virtual machines and virtual applications. With our pay-as-you-grow model, you can optimise your disaster recovery budget at any time, while simultaneously increasing your flexibility. 

Discover the advantages compared to other disaster recovery solutions on the market. With our offering of Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service, your cloud environment is optimally protected against data loss.


Deployment und Verwaltung Ihres Kubernetes-Cluster durch VMware PKS

Equipped with its own container registry and lifecycle management, VMware PKS simplifies the deployment and administration of your Kubernetes clusters. In addition, extended network and security functionalities are provided through NSX-T.

The natively integrated container registry of VMware PKS continuously monitors and protects your container-images. This container registry provides image replication, access controls (RBAC) and AD/LDAP integration.

The security functions of NSX-T allow for a policy-driven backup of workloads, containers, and even microservices. Together with ingress-controlling and load-balancing functionalities, NSX-T provides strong networking services for your container environment.

With a simple and action based CLI interface and the publicly available programming interface allows system administrators to deploy Kubernetes clusters in minutes. Updates and extensions can also be deployed via CLI and API calls. This ensures that your clusters can adapt to ever-increasing performance and security requirements. 

VMware PKS easily integrates with market-leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service instances such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure and of course VMware vSphere to meet the needs of many organisations today. This creates a common operating model that in turn supports the multi- and hybrid cloud approach that is often required. 

We expand your existing VMware cluster with VMware PKS, or alternatively we are happy to consult you on the sizing of a new cluster. Make use of the competitive advantages of a container environment and at the same time benefit from the high performance and agility of Kubernetes.

Whether private, hybrid or multi-cloud – VMware PKS eliminates lengthy provisioning and management processes and supports you in the next step of virtualisation! 

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