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Virtualisation solutions as an IT miracle tool?

Virtualisation has become indispensable in today’s IT landscape: Through modern virtualisation technologies, hardware resources can be used efficiently and dynamically by several virtual machines. This ensures a highly cost-efficient operation of IT systems.

A virtualised infrastructure can also significantly increase the availability of IT systems. Increased availability is ensured by an uninterrupted and automatic migration of virtual instances between independent ESX servers.

Explore the main advantages and use-cases of virtualisation technologies in this whitepaper.

Guide "agile data centres": how to relocate your data to a data centre

With digitisation, the storage and management of large amounts of data is becoming increasingly important. E-commerce and digital service companies must face the question of whether to have their IT resources managed internally by specialists, or outsourced. The relocation of IT resources is a major step for every company and must be well thought out and planned in advance.

Data centres are expected to meet very high standards in terms of operational security and data protection. This confronts IT departments with many challenges: Which added value does a relocation offer our company, which data centre is the right one for us and what do I have to consider when choosing my new business partner?

Are you also looking for the perfect data centre? Download the guide ÔÇťAgile data centre – a guide for the perfect partner choice” with the following form now!