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Data center AOC (Frankfurt am Main)

Our AOC data center is in the immediate vicinity of the world’s largest peering-point, the DE-CIX. This area has one of the highest densities of IT companies in Germany’s Hesse. The neighborhood is characterized by design-oriented companies, exclusive furniture stores, car dealerships, marketing companies, advertising agencies, a mixed development with mostly multi-story commercial and office buildings, but also by spacious commercial areas and residential buildings with many oases of peace and greenery near the Main. Although – apart from the European Central Bank – the Osthafen still dominates the appearance of the area, service industries with national and international clients have largely displaced the former industrial companies. The data center can easily be reached by car and public transport. The property also provides parking spots directly on-site.

The data center is located within the Accent Office Center (AOC). These areas are always ready to be occupied by our clients and the data center itself is protected by security staff and intrusion prevention systems. The available space is perfectly suited for a secure accommodation of individual IT projects, large IT infrastructures and single dedicated servers. You can reach the data center by elevator. Furthermore, we provide you with a quiet assembly room, where you can test your hardware. To make your preparations easier, we offer lockers for your equipment and provide you with a well-equipped warehouse. Like this, all necessary spare-parts, components and tools are always readily available for you.


This scaled representation of our site systematically shows what a server room in your company should do to meet the requirements of a modern data center. The operation would be extremely costly! Realizing a small data center infrastructure in your company is very complicated or even impossible. This is often due to legal security regulations, high quality requirements and lack of necessary space within the office building. 


Our data center in the AOC is separated into two smaller sections (R1 & R2). These adjacent building blocks have their own separate cooling circuits, separate fire compartments and separate colocation areas, totaling more than 1,800 square meters.

Our entire IT infrastructure is redundant and meets the highest quality and security standards. To be able to implement large IT projects at short notice, we ensure keeping enough components in stock and personnel on site. Outsourcing IT services is a modern and worthwhile alternative to operating server rooms at your own site.

For more information about our hardware and equipment, please check below. We provide green IT for our clients in addition to latest technology and highest security for your data. In the areas of infrastructure and information security our site was audited by TÜV Saarland and TÜV Rheinland respectively. The data center itself is certified to tier 3 and the entire company is certified to ISO 27001:2013.

Our housing & colocation offers
Site: First Colo data center AOC in Frankfurt am Main

Individual benefits of the First Colo data center


Early fire detection

Two fire compartments

Automated alerting of the fire department

Intrusion detection system

Biometric access control

Video surveillance of the entire data center

24/7 security service on standby


Raised floor (1,000 kN/m, height 50 cm)

F90 walls with steel security doors

At least 3.00 m clear height of the rooms (upper edge of raised floor)

Door width approximately 126 cm

Access control to the rooms

Building surveillance and security staff

24/7 access possible

Cooling and ventilation systems

Air conditioners, redundant N+1

Air supply via the raised floor, warm air extraction around the ceiling

Cold and hot aisle arrangement

Precisely controllable air-conditioning technology

Indirect open-air cooling

Power supply

Two UPS units, 25 minutes reserve time

Electrical installation with surge protection and power distribution

Power supply via separate sub-distributions

Two emergency power systems for the entire building

Powerful DIESEL power generator for emergencies

Pictures of our data center